Terms and conditions

Booking tours


DMC Velo OÜ tours can be ordered both on specific dates and times (“BOOK”) or by prior agreement on the dates you want (“INQUIRY”), selecting the appropriate option on the tour page.


By selecting “BOOK NOW” on specific dates and times you must select a date, number of participants and click “BOOK NOW” to book. Then fill in the form.
We recommend adding in “Special Requirements” cell which kind of bike you want to use for the tour: the selection M is for men’s bike and N is for all-purpose/women’s bikes.


The screen will then show the price of the booking, which can be safely paid online using the payment solution “Montonio“, where you can choose a payment link that corresponds to your country (currently interfaces have the largest banks in the Baltics and soon will be elsewhere in Europe) or choose the card payment option for debit or credit card.

Nb! When paying by a bank link, be sure to click the “Back to merchant” button on the bank page.


The payments are mediated by Montonio Finance UAB. Payment takes place outside the online store in a secure environment – when paying by a bank link the system uses the respective secure bank environment and when paying by a credit card, Montonio secure environment will be used. The Seller does not have access to the customer’s bank and credit card details. The order will take effect upon transfer of the amount to the DMC Velo account.


DMC Velo OÜ controls the personal data and forwards only the necessary information to the authorized processor Montonio Finance UAB for the execution of payments.


We will send the booking confirmation to your e-mail with the order information.


When booking a tour “BOOK NOW”, i.e. on specific dates and times, each tour has a minimum and maximum number of participants. Unfortunately, if the minimum number of participants is not met, we will have to cancel the tour by notifying all participants at least 36 hours in advance and refunding the participation fee in full.


By selecting “INQUIRY” on your desired dates you must fill in the relevant form for booking, writing down your wishes and clicking “SEND”.


We will contact you within 2 business days. All inquiries can also be made by sending an e-mail to book@dmcvelo.ee


To confirm the booking, we will send you an invoice via e-mail and payment will be made by bank transfer. To confirm the tour, the invoice must be paid at least 48 hours before the start of the tour.


If the tour is confirmed, then it will take place in any weather. Dress according to the weather!


Before the start of the tour, the participant must sign a waiver agreement confirming that he/she is able to ride a bike and is aware of the risks associated with cycling and take good care of DMC Velo’s property.


Terms and conditions of cancellation


To cancel a pre-booked and paid order, you must send us an e-mail to book@dmcvelo.ee at least 48 hours before the agreed start date of the tour and we will refund the participation fee in full. If the cancellation takes place less than 48 hours before the agreed start time, we will refund 20% of the cost of your service. If the cancellation takes place less than 24 hours before the agreed start date, the participation fee cannot be refunded. 



Tours on specific dates and times are marked on the tour, which language the tour takes place in. Upon agreement, we offer guided tours in Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish and Spanish.


All tour prices are in Euros and include VAT.
DMC Velo has the right to change the prices of tours at any time. If the prices of tours have been changed after the client has placed and paid for the order, DMC Velo will provide the service at the corresponding prices valid at the time the tour was ordered. The client does not have the right to demand compensation for the difference in price.

Feel free to contact us! Email us book@dmcvelo.ee or call +372 5608 0870


Conditions for bike rentals


1. Bikes and other equipment may be rented by an adult who assumes full and unconditional responsibility for the preservation and prudent use of the bikes and other equipment from the time of delivery to time of return.

2. Bikes and other equipment may only be used for appropriate purposes by the client and his immediate party. The client is not allowed to resell, sell, pledge or otherwise transfer the rented equipment to a third party unless agreed in writing with the DMC Velo in the contract.

3. In the event of non-return of the bikes and other equipment, the client will pay the value of the property on the basis of DMC Velo price list (theft, loss, traffic accident, etc.).
The client must constantly monitor the bikes and other equipment. In the event of short-term unattended supervision, the client is obliged to secure the equipment, including all wheels. DMC Velo will provide 1 safety lock for every 2 bikes when renting them. In the event of an overnight stay or long-term unsupervised stay, the equipment must be stored in a secure or guarded room and never in public spaces. If no security lock has been issued, the customer shall be presumed to have the necessary equipment or facilities to protect the equipment.

4. Any defect on the bikes and other equipment shall be notified to DMC Velo immediately upon receipt of the rental equipment by the client. DMC Velo always recommends testing the rental equipment before the start of the longer rental period and adjusting the settings (gears, brakes, other handy settings) if necessary. DMC Velo shall check the condition of the returned equipment and shall comply with the technical arrangements in which it was issued and shall be complex.

5. DMC Velo shall not be liable for damage stemming from improper use of wheels and other equipment (dangerous driving techniques, lack of cycling experience, too large/small wheel frame size).

6. Client shall immediately inform the employees of DMC Velo of changes in the return time according to the assessment, as well as of the incidents involving the equipment.

7. The client agrees to leave a deposit for the rented equipment. DMC Velo shall withhold the deposit until the client returns all rented equipment or reimburses further expenses in accordance with the contract. The deposit is 100€ per bike. The deposit can be paid in cash, by credit card reservation, by payment to a bank account, and in the case of a renter who is a legal person, we also accept the letter of guarantee.

8. DMC Velo has right to ask the client for prepayment the rented equipment by submitting advance invoice to lessee. Upon receipt of prepayment invoice, the booking is deemed have been confirmed. If you cancel reservation up to 48h before the rental service starts, the prepayment will refunded.

9. Rented equipment can be picked up at DMC Velo storage facility at Pirita Road. If desired, is possible to order bike transport elsewhere. Price by agreement.

10. The minimum amount of rental is 5 bikes.

11. Rental prices in Euros and include VAT. DMC Velo has right to change the rental prices. If rental prices have been changed after the client has placed and paid for order, DMC Velo will provide the service at corresponding prices time of rental was ordered. The client does not have right to demand compensation for difference.

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